Sunday, September 27, 2009

What if I missed the entry deadline?

We're all very busy these days and we all miss an entry dealine now and then. If you miss our team entry deadline, but would still like your child to compete in a meet, there may still be an option for you.

Most meet hosts will accept late entries (also called on-deck entries) at their meets. North Texas Swimming has a few regulations that must be followed, though.

For example, here's the late entry procedure for the upcoming Texas RiverSharks "BB" meet (10/16-18):

Late entries will be accepted up until 30 minutes before the start of each session at $9.75 per individual event. Any athlete late entering the meet must provide proof of registration and a current print out of best times from SWIMS. NO USA Swimming registration will be accepted at the meet. The meet host and meet referee reserve the right to limit late entries to control the size and length of the meet.

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