Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting to the BB Meet (edited 4/28/09)

If you're traveling to The Colony for the BB meet this weekend, the address on the meet info (5729 Memorial Drive, 75065) may get you to the high school, but not necessarily to the natatorium - their facility is off campus.

Coach Huffman says some map searches (like Yahoo!) will take you to the pool using that address. For you folks, just ignore this post.

If you're using Google, the address doesn't work.

The pool we'll compete in is located on the corner of Trailview and Memorial.

Go with something like "Memorial and Trailview 70565" in your map search, and you'll have better luck.

Some internet maps have not been updated to show newer construction. Memorial has been finished between Paige and Worley.

If you use Google Maps, try the "satellite" view and you'll see the pool on the northwest corner of Trailview and Memorial.

Finally, there's a water park at the corner of Memorial and Paige. If you end up there, you'll need to travel east on Memorial a little further to get to the meet.

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