Thursday, November 13, 2008

Weekly Update - SWAT B/C Meet

1. SWAT B/C Meet: Saturday 11/15 & Sunday 11/16
Just a few notes about the B/C meet this weekend in Duncanville. I want all of our new parents and swimmers to know something up front about this meet. It is the only meet of the year that MAC will attend at Duncanville. The reason being is that the facility at Duncanville is one of the smallest in the metroplex. Everyone needs to be prepared for the fact that it will be very crowded. After having gone there, you will be much more appreciative of how great we have it here in Mansfield! Below is a list of things to remember when you get to the pool this weekend. Parents......Bring a bag chair if you have one. Seating is limited.

If this is your child's first meet, things will seem crazy. Parent's....don't worry. Three meets from now it will all make sense, and going to meets in larger facilities will make things seem less chaotic. Remember.......if you act calm, so will the kids. If you act stressed out, they will feed off that as well.

A. Swimmers need to check in with one of the coaches when they arrive.
B. All swimmers are to sit with the team.
C. Be in your team suit and cap. (If you have not purchased a team suit in the pro shop, please
get that done before the next meet.)

Revised SWAT B/C Meet Schedule
Session 1 - Saturday Warm-up 8:15, Meet Start 9:00 AM
Session 2 - Saturday Warm-up 11:15, Meet Start 12:00 PM
Session 3 - Sunday Warm-up 8:15, Meet Start 9:00 AM

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